Search Engine Marketing is one of the simplest and most effective tools in our digital marketing arsenal. Not to mention the fastest way to get your page recognized and on the first page of Google. You can decide how long you would like to run a campaign and establish how much you want to spend.

The process is fairly straight-forward whether your using Google, Bing or Yahoo – determine your budget, bid on keywords that will display your ad, every time a user clicks on your add, the cost comes off of your budget.


  • Speed of Results
  • Monthly Costs
  • Lead Generation Overtime
  • Monthly Maintenance Required
  • Customer Satisfaction

What’s the catch?

The catch can be costs. The costs of a campaign will vary depending on what keywords you are trying to bid on and how congested or saturated the market for your field is. For example, the costs for “Life Insurance” versus “Taxidermy” will be dramatically different. Call an expert at Web Response today to learn more at 1-877-932-0101.

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